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Who Am I?

My name is Mariann. I come from Give, Denmark. I have just graduated from Business Academy Aarhus as a Multimediadesigner. During my time here I have been particularly focused at webdesign.

The reason why I chose this education happened some time ago. Back in 2012 I created my very first Tumblr blog. Not too soon after I found that you could make your own themes. It was with shaky steps I dived into this new world of coding, but I was determined to make my blog theme something I had created all by myself. And thus came my love for coding – my passion – the one area that brought me to where I am now. I love creating beautiful yet functional websites and finding new trends and new ways to make the site more alive and interactive. This is what I want to do.

As I have just graduated I am now looking for a job as a webdesigner/frontend developer. If you scroll down you can check out what my skills are and see some of my previous work. If you are already interested, click the contact button to the left.

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My Education

Multimedia Design and Communication is a broad study. We learn how to work with digital communication and interactive design – so among other things we are taught how to design and create websites and physical products like posters, book covers, business cards etc. We also learn about communication strategies and business organisation. When working on projects in school we have used Scrum as a work method.

As a part of our second semester we participated in a usability course, where we learnt about consumer behaviour and various methods on how to test our product with the help of other people.

Most of my skills you can see in the picture at the right. Furthermore I know a bit about branding and communication. I know how to create a communication plan/strategy and consider factors in how to communicate with a target audience. Also at school we recently dived into the art of experience economy, which turned out to be a very fascinating concept – so communication is a study that also interests me much.

In my last semester of school I was to complete a 3 month internship in my field and I chose to do that in Sydney, Australia. The company I stayed with is called HotelsCombined. Here I did a lot of different design-related jobs as well as coding newsletters and a page in WordPress. As this was my first real experience in the field of webdesign I have grown a lot and understand how to work under pressure and make sure to reach the deadlines.

How do I work?

When working on projects I focus on a number of things:

  • The Overall Picture – additional details can be added, when the product is working properly and the basic wishes of the customer has been met.
  • Perfectionism – kind of working is not good enough.
  • Clear Argumentation – always be clear about the argumentation of the choices that have been made.
  • Creativity – a good foundation for a good project is taking time to be in the creative flow.
  • Good Atmosphere – great teamwork makes great products.



It's been more than 2 years since I created my very first blog on Tumblr. At that time the theme was, of course, one of the free ones, but it did not take long before I started playing around with the CSS. One thing led to another and today I make my own themes. You can see some of them in the grid below. In my final product I created a website for myself, where I can share my themes. It is still in progress as some of the themes still need the last touch.


Here is some of the graphics I've done. Two of them are from my time at HotelsCombined and the others are some I did for fun and to learn about Photoshop.

School Projects

During my time in school, I have done a few projects. In most projects we had no contact with the customer. The businesses therefore have nothing to do with what my group and I have made. The concepts simply does not exist in reality.